Al Furstnow made "The Saddle That Made Miles City Famous."

Former partner and later rival Charles E. Coggshall made the "Original Coggshall Saddle."

Some of the individual saddles were more famous and more original than others. For example, the "Cisco Kid" saddle, which reportedly includes a great amount of silver and rests in the University of Wyoming Liberary, bears a Furstnow stamp. Similar saddles were built for movie cowboys Tim McCoy and Tom Mix and his daughter. The Miles City Saddlery put together a $2,500 package for Crown Prince Olaf and Princess Martha of Norway for their 1938 sojourn to the United States.

Al Furstnow is credited with having made the first two flower hand-stamped saddles created in Miles City. One was made for Great Britain's Lord Sidney Paget and the other was made for Leigh Remington, of the Remington Arms family.

Historical Saddles